Kathy Callahan, Vice President, Special Market Sales & eCommerce

Kathy is a 30+ year veteran of entertainment media sales and marketing. Kathy joined Shout Factory in 2006. Since 2012 she has served as the General Manager of Shout Factory’s e-commerce businesses, which include shoutfactory.com, the MST3Kstore.com, and our Amazon Marketplace business.  Kathy also handles Shout Factory specialty sales and non-traditional sales in general.

Before joining Shout! Factory, Kathy was Senior Director of National Sales for the RCA Music Group for 8 years.  Prior to that she acted as National Sales Director for EMI Music Distribution for 6 years developing sales and marketing strategies for EMI, Angel, Blue Note, Rhino, Virgin and Manhattan Records. While still on the east coast Kathy spent a couple of years running her own company; a move to Los Angeles in 1989 found her working at MCEG in Los Angeles. Kathy started her “corporate” career at Vestron Video in Stamford, CT as one of their first Regional Sales Managers and left the company in 1987 as their Director of Marketing.

Kathy is a graduate of Fairfield University.

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